Pop icon Pugachyova to join Prokhorov’s party

Soviet and Russian pop icon Alla Pugachyova agreed to become a member of the Right Cause party led by Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, a party spokesman said on Wednesday.

“Alla Pugachyova expressed support for Mikhail Prokhorov. They agreed that Alla Borisovna [Pugachyova] would become a party member,” he said.

The singer is expected to attend the Right Cause party congress on September 15.

Prokhorov, ranked by Forbes as Russia’s third richest man with a fortune of $18 billion, formally quit business in July to head the Right Cause party. He has said he will stand for president next spring if the party does well in December’s parliamentary polls.

Prokhorov earlier said he was set to invite Pugachyova to be in charge of female issues as a Right Cause member. He was to meet with the pop diva on Monday, but the meeting did not take place.

He said it was an acute problem in Russia, where “it’s harder for a woman than for a man to make a career, to succeed in life in general.”

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