Prokhorov’s Right Cause ‘surprised’ at media report

Russia’s Right Cause party has criticized an article in the Izvestia newspaper that it said gave out false information about its election program.

The Izvestia article in question was published on Thursday and the program extracts it featured were wildly different from the true document, party spokesman Maxim Chizhov said. The party’s program was released earlier on Friday.

“We were surprised to read an article where there are no references to any sources,” Chizhov said.

In June, Russian metals tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, agreed to head Right Cause, which he said he wants to make the second largest party in parliament in December’s parliamentary elections.

In its program, Right Cause proposes dramatically expanding the powers of the State Duma, including giving it the right to impeach ministers and governors. The party also wants a return to the direct election of mayors and governors.

Right Cause also proposes a ban on the launching of new major production facilities in large cities. The party also criticizes the ongoing reforms in education and medicine, and supports free medicine and education.

It also backs economic integration with Europe, but sees no need to join the EU or NATO.

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