Putin and Medvedev’s vodka banned in Russia, welcomed in Ukraine

A company has been prevented from registering its brand of vodka because the name appears to be a play on the names of the country’s ruling duo.

The make in question is “Volodya and Medvedi”.

“Volodya” is a nickname for “Vladimir” and “Medvedi,” which means bears, sounds similar to the president’s surname, “Medvedev.” The bear is also the symbol of the ruling United Russia party.

Russia’s patent agency says the brand “Volodya and Medvedi” undermines the state’s image.

Its producer argues that it refers to one of the country’s most popular names and to Russian fairytales.

In any case, you will soon get to try the drink: another company has already registered the name in Ukraine and will shortly start selling in Russia. It also owns the popular vodka brand “Putinka.”

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