Putin Calls for Spring People’s Front Congress

President Vladimir Putin called on Thursday for holding a spring congress of his People’s Front movement to create a non-partisan national public organization with broad public support, rather than a political party.

“I propose, without further delay…probably next spring, to hold a constituent congress and establish a national public organization [on the basis of] the People’s Front with the participation of various public organizations, parties, as well as common citizens of our country,” Putin told People’s Front activists.

Putin introduced the idea of the All-Russia People’s Front at a conference of the ruling United Russia party in May, 2011 to broaden the party’s electoral base with “non-party people,” including trade unions, NGOs, business associations and youth groups.

He reiterated that it would be premature to transform the People’s Front into a party because it would limit the movement’s functionality as a broad public coalition.

“The national front allows the participation of a wide range of public organizations, including various parties, in its work, while a party status immediately limits its membership,” Putin said.

“When an [non-partisan] organization unites people with the same strategic goals, but with a different vision of how to reach these goals – it gives us the opportunity to start candid discussions on any vital issue, and therefore to find the most efficient solutions,” he said.

The Russian preisdent also emphasized that the People’s Front must not become a bureacratic entity involving people only interested in pursuing their personal interests.

“We need people [in the front] who would be focused on positive process, rather than on settling their personal or corporate issues,” he stressed.

Putin earlier expressed his readiness to lead the Coordinating Council of the future national public organization.


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