Putin Is the Most Based Global Leader by Far

The controversy over Vladimir Putin’s endgame is best summed up by a dash of common-sense. Anyone hostile to globalism will attract support for which reason they will be demonised by globalists: Name some of those vilified by these pin-striped Bolsheviks? How much time have you got?

It is tiresome to see photoshopped photos of the Russian president in the company of Orthodox Jews. For what purpose other than to push a subversive personal agenda?

Putin not Zionist

Jewish spiritual beliefs are as multi-faceted as all other religions including those of the Christian faith. Some Jews pursue world domination but all Christian American presidents and Western leaders do likewise.

It is interesting that those quickest to condemn the Russian leader for his being seen in the company of orthodox Jews are forgetful of their own leaders constant slobbering over Jews, especially the Zionists.

Putin on Jewish Bolshevism

There are YouTube videos of the Russian president publicly haranguing a convention of Orthodox Jews for Jewish responsibility in the carnage caused by Bolshevism. I think we will wait a long time for a Western leader to follow the Russian president’s example.

Much is made of Putin’s service background; indeed, his political experience was weaned on it. So what, I would struggle to think of a Western leader who served anyone but himself, let alone his country. I doubt if a single Western defence minister ever wore as much as a boy scout’s uniform.

Condemns Communism

If we cannot know the ulterior motives of a double glazing salesman how can we know the long-term aims of a national leader? All we can do is a judge on a national leader’s performance, his future aspirations, and his current handling of the unfolding international situation.

Putin God quote

My primary goal is to safeguard and guarantee the continued security of the global ethnic-community. I cannot think of a single instance where my ethnic-kin have been threatened by the Russian president’s policies.

Zionists caused....

On the other hand, the world’s ethnic-European community has been decimated by Western leaders. In the worst instance, the martyrdom of up to 100 million ethnic-Europeans, it was the West’s protégé Josef Stalin who was directly responsible.

I dumped rothschild

The Soviet dictator drooled over by Churchill, Roosevelt, and the gutter press was a Georgian (not Russian) marauding, territorial-ambitious terrorist bandit. Western leaders do likewise but do it when wearing suits.

Putin World War 2 (1)

It is not Putin’s Russia that is a threat to world peace; the brinkmanship and possible WWIII inferno is absolutely the responsibility of a Jewish sect slobbered over again and again by drooling corrupt ‘Christian’ politicians.

Baltic States

I have never heard a Western leader say or do anything to identify the threat to the world’s dwindling ethnic-European peoples. On the contrary, they are not the solution, they are the threat.

World Independence

The Russian president is doing all he can to secure and guarantee the continued presence of his White European community. In Russia, it is illegal to poison the people’s food chain, Rothschild usury is exiled, abortion is illegal, non-productive sex is more or less off the agenda, couples are rewarded for their large families.  The Russian armed forces are purely defensive whilst NATO’s military hardware is pointedly provocative and of an invasive aggressive nature.

Truth is Power

Unlike spineless Western leaders, President Putin never shirks the grasping of nettles be they a company’s corrupt board of directors, an audience of Jews or a Rothschild bank. And, he eats Western leaders for breakfast. I rest my case and time will tell.

MICHAEL WALSH is a dissident journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. His 52 books include MEGACAUST, TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES and WITNESS TO HISTORY.

THE RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL and EUROPE ARISE, both books declared taboo by media.

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