Putin suggests government officials chip in for Stolypin monument

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday proposed that government officials chip in for a monument to one of his predecessors in imperial Russia, Pyotr Stolypin.

“I hope each member of the government will contribute his or her personal money to the construction of the monument,” Putin said at a meeting of the committee charged with organizing and holding celebrations of the 150th anniversary since Stolypin’s birth in April next year.

Stolypin served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers under Emperor Nicholas II in Russia in 1906-1911. He is known for his clampdown on revolutionary groups and agrarian reform.

Putin, who honors Stolypin’s place and role in Russia’s history and often quotes him in his public speeches, said his predecessor was a “real patriot and wise politician” who managed to launch the process of large-scale transformation in the country.

“We should mark the memorable date dedicated to the 150th anniversary since the birth of Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin in a proper manner, with respect for the pages of our history,” Putin said.

“We need to do everything for this event to receive a significant public response,” he said.

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