Putin Tells Ministers to Make Action Plans Public

MOSCOW, May 7 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday gave all Russian ministers one month to publish their action plans for implementing the decrees he signed on the first day of his presidency a year ago.

Putin said every minister should have a clear understanding of the actions that he or she needs to take this year in order to fulfill the tasks set by the president in May 2012.

“Their action plan and their tasks for the year should be made public. I would like these plans to be drawn up within a month and made public, and then submitted to me. I repeat: within one month,” the president said.

On the first day of his presidency, Putin signed a number of decrees aimed at reforming and improving state management, the armed forces, economy, social sphere and other areas. The implementation of the decrees, largely based on Putin’s electoral platform, was declared a priority for the president and the cabinet formed in late May 2012.

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