Putin trains with Russian ice hockey legends

“Lavrov said Moscow had discussed the issue with Afghan and U.S. representatives, but “there are more questions than answers so far.”

“Moreover, information comes in periodically that our American colleagues want to expand their military presence in central Asia,” he said.

Lavrov said, from the start of the operations against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Russia was told that the foreign presence in Afghanistan and its transit centers in central Asia would be used purely to fight that particular terrorism threat.

“Russia was told there were no long-term geopolitical calculations,” Lavrov said, adding these principals should be respected in full he said”

For crying out loud what a calamity in Moscow way of thinking time after time America have double crossed Russia, and time after time again Russia plays stupid “YES STUPID AND I MAKE NO BONES OF IT”
How the hell did not Moscow saw it coming how? First there was to be no NATO Eastwards expansion Russia took it with a smile, when they got sober they realize it was all a lie from the start, then America got Russia to scrap there Typhoon class subs the largest in the world, Libya, the missile shield, and many more instances where Russia sits on the table the West hands a” glass of don’t think drink” over the table whiles they the West drinks intelligence cocktails with Russia as dessert.
I keep saying again and again Russia has no foreign policy that is effective to counter the West all they do is play absentminded in the face of dealing with the West and cry out loud after, when they are double crossed.
It is clear to see that NATO is encircling Russia and make no mistake the West has an aim here, to split up Russia starting from the Far East, they are still putting finishing touches to their disenchanted Russians be it in the military of civil society when all is set then they will launch Russia can pour scorn on this scenario but just wait and see one day, one day the West will strike.
Russia keep talking of surprises keep talking of been double crossed keeps the same current foreign policy, and see what will happened down the road.
I do believe Putin and Medvedev can do the job for Russia but what is needed is a strong, steady and clear foreign policy which does not exists in my view and I am not alone in this thinking.
Russian my dear it is clear for everyone to see you have to make a 360 degree u-turn without any hesitation whiles watching the traitors from within.

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