Putin Urges Probe into Unjustified Business Inspections

MOSCOW, March 5 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday called on the Prosecutor General’s Office to look into each case of unjustified businesses inspections on the part of law enforcement agencies, adding that anti-corruption efforts should be stepped up.

At a staff meeting of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the head of state said that much has been done to improve the business climate, reduce bureaucratic pressure on businesses and to set things straight regarding company checks and audits.

“More needs to be done,” Putin said. “Some checks, mainly on-site ones, still proceed without coordination with prosecution bodies. Each such case should be addressed, together with the abuse of power on behalf of the authorities and law enforcement agencies and cases when property rights are violated, as well as extortion often disguised as ‘providing government services.’”

He said corruption should be fought at all levels of power, as well as at law enforcement agencies, and those guilty of violations should be fired.

“If some people commit offenses, they should be dismissed in time; personnel issues should be addressed more consistently, everything should be cleaned up and then it will be possible to move forward,” Putin said, adding that citizens’ faith in state structures largely depends on the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts.

“The Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office are special bodies, but they are mass organizations, and various people work for them,” he said. “All the problems of our society are reflected there.”


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