Record Low Russian Unemployment – Deputy-Premier

MOSCOW, December 11 (RIA Novosti) – Russian unemployment is at a record low and the Russian authorities intend to maintain this in the coming years, Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policies Olga Golodets said on Tuesday.

“Today we have registered an unprecedented low unemployment level of 5.2 percent [of the economically active population] calculated using International Labor Organization methodology. Russia has never before achieved this level in its history and we are proud of this, and at the same time are taking further employment measures,” Golodets said.

Russia has a huge potential for the creation of new jobs, she said.

“The Russian economy has substantial potential. We have a great advantage compared to European countries because the European Union has virtually used up its possibilities for job creation. We’ll seek to maintain this figure at the level we have achieved,” she said.

At the same time, problems still exist on the Russian labor market, she said.

“It is difficult for young people to find employment after university. If we use proper strategies to build bridges on the labor market for those categories who really find difficulty with employment, then we can say we are capable of ensuring employment for the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens,” she said.


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