Rescuers Find Missing Climber on Elbrus

PYATIGORSK, January 12 (RIA Novosti) – Rescuers have found a woman survivor from a group of three climbers who went missing on Mount Elbrus in Russia’s Caucasus mountain range, the local Emergencies Ministry said on Saturday.

The woman has given rescuers information about the whereabouts of another member of the group, rescuers said.

“The woman was found at a height of 4,800 meters. She did not need medical attention. The group leader is located at a spot at 4,200 meters altitude according to her information, and is unconscious, and suffering from leg injuries,” a rescuer said.

A local Emergencies Ministry representative said the main part of the rescue team had been sent to search for the missing group leader. The fate of the third member of the group is being investigated.

Contact with the group of climbers from Moscow was lost last Thursday, after they registered with the local mountain rescue service and then completed an ascent of the western face of the mountain, the highest in Europe.

In another incident in the area, three Russian climbers died on Thursday in an avalanche in Georgia’s Kazbegi mountains on the south side of the Caucasus range, Rustavi-2 television reported.

A 19-year-old member of the group from Rostov survived and was taken to a local hospital with frostbite.


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