RF to allocate 50B rubles for accessible environment for disabled

MOSCOW, August 19 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia has started in the current year a large-scale state programme Accessible Environment, where the government will allocate about 50 billion roubles, so that by 2015 all necessary conditions for easy access to social objects for the disabled and other groups of people with low mobility, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a meeting of the All-Russian Popular Front’s coordination Council on Friday, which was devoted to problems of the disabled.

“As you well know, we have joined the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” Putin said. “This is a major step, and we have started adopting our legislation accordingly.”

The work has started, and it is planned that about 50 addenda will be made, he said.

As for the funds to be used, Putin hopes that “should the money be used properly, people would feel certain improvement.” He recalled that during one of the government’ s presidiums he ordered to equip the government’s building and buildings of the federal executive power according to requirements of accessible environment.

“What happened? The colleagues have just told me that as they started the work and then showed the results to representatives of organizations of the disabled, it became clear that everything was to be re-done,” Putin said, expressing confidence that everything will be re-done in the White House and that all basic administrative buildings will be re-equipped, too.

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