Rights Council to Participate in ‘March of Millions’

Russia’s Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights will take part as a public observer in the campaign of opposition the May 6 March of Millions protest, the Council reported on its website on Saturday.

The March of Millions, protesting the results of parliamentary and presidential elections, will be held the day before Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is sworn in for a six-year term as president.

“The Council, continuing the practice of interaction with the police department in Moscow, is sending observers to the mass action, together with the human rights commissioner in the Russian Federation and the Public Chamber of Russian, in order to monitor compliance with human rights and to assist law enforcement agencies to ensure law and order during the event,” the statement said.

Twelve people from the council will observe the opposition rally.

Social observers from the HRC had previously attended opposition rallies in Moscow, including the most numerous at the Bolotnaya Square and on Prospect Sakharova in December.

The event will include a march from Kaluzhskaya Square and a demonstration on Bolotnaya Square, Moscow deputy regional security chief Vasily Oleynik said on Thursday.


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