Riots could be coming to America

Riots in Europe are spreading. First Greece and now Europe. With the western world seeing an economic catastrophe, how long will it be before similar conditions come to the streets of America?

Independent journalist Luke Rudowski just spent time abroad and says that everywhere he went in Europe he saw signs of protest as citizens rallied against the costs of living.

“There was a felling of resentment of resistance,” he says. Rudowski notes that the riots that are not on the streets of London are only creating a bigger problem, and that, if things continue, that problem will only be bigger once it comes state-side.

“This is very much likely going to happen in the United States, and be ready for it,” adds Rudkowski.

Kathyrn Dill of Truth March says she thinks it is only a matter of time before riots plague America, as well. Speaking to RT, both Rudkowski and Dill agree that, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, communities are breaking down and the quality of life in Europe is deteriorating before their very eyes as people resort to violence in an attempt to resolving the crises overseas.

Sally McNamara works for the Heritage Foundation and the police station in her own hometown in England was stormed in the recent riots. In her own neighborhood, she says, society has become “broken.”

“We need to have law and order back in our society,” says McNamara.

McNamara adds that as America continues to spend, spend, spend, she also thinks that the US could go the way of Greece and London, although maybe just not tomorrow. “If you increase the government the way we’re doing,” says McNamara, “you’re going to see this in 15 years. That’s what it took for it to happen in the UK.”

In the meantime, she says, America needs to eliminate Obamacare, roll back regulations, stop and increase in taxes and cut out the debt. If not, she says, economic woes will only worsen and the next generation in America will revolt like the Europeans of today when no other solution seems viable.

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