RMK to invest $1.3 bln until 2015 to boost copper mining

CHELYABINSK, Aug 30 (PRIME) — Russian Copper Company, or RMK, plans to invest a total of U.S. $1.3 billion until 2015 in development projects to increase copper ore mining to 46 million tonnes from the current 10 million tonnes, Alexander Khanin, the companys public relations director, told PRIME on Tuesday.

The company plans to use its own, as well as borrowed funds, for the construction of the Mikheyevsky and Tominsky ore mining and processing plants. The plants are to be located at the deposits with the same name located in the Chelyabinsk Region.

Currently, RMK is completing exploration operations at the deposits and is acquiring equipment.

The annual processing capacity of the Tominsky plant, which is scheduled to be launched in 2015, is projected to amount to 28 million tonnes of ore, while the processing capacity of the Mikheyevsky plant, which is scheduled for launch in 2013, is to amount to 20 million tonnes of ore.

RMK is the third largest copper producer in Russia.


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