Rock-a-bye from pop-punk tomboy

She was born in September but owes her name to April. The author of the hit single “What the Hell,” Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne is set to rock audiences in Moscow during her only live gig in the Russian capital.

­The 26-year-old singer will entertain her fans with music which she herself has described as a little different than usual. Songs from her latest album, “Goodbye Lullaby!” are said to be “not as pop-rock, a little more mellow and deep.”

Staying true to herself, Lavigne has been exploring the boundaries of freedom throughout her career, but in “Goodbye Lullaby!” the passionate singer also reflects on such feelings as gratitude and melancholy.

World Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards – Avril has had it all, and the quest for happiness continues.   

Smile, Wish You Were Here, Stop Standing There – each song clearly reflects Lavigne’s mood, state of mind and attitude to life. She is getting older, of course, but still feels playful and rebellious.

The award-winning musician will be showing her emotions at the Arena-Moscow club on September 4.

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