Ron Paul tackles the TSA during debate

Senator Ron Paul used Wednesday night’s GOP debate as a platform to put down a lot of what he says is wrong with the country’s current standing, but managed to particularly hit a nerve when he went after the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration has been bashed especially as of late as more and more incidents of sexual harassment and improper treatment are being reported. According to Senator Paul, the actions being dished out by the airport staffers has turned “abusive” and something needs to be done.

“Look at the monstrosity we have at the airports,” Paul said during Wednesday’s Republican debate from California. “These TSA agents are abusive. Sometimes they’re accused of all kinds of sexual activities on the way they maul people at the airport.”

The government should give it a rest, added Paul, who said he believes that the private sector would be much better at the job than the bureaucrats that are calling the shots right now.

“The airlines are responsible for carrying their cargo and their passengers. Why should we assume that a bureaucracy can do better?” asked the Texas senator. He pointed towards how well the airlines can handle their own operations and that government intervention and regulation only interferes with the process and complicates matters for everyone.

Paul has regularly attacked government entities for what he says is unnecessary oversight into the lives of Americans. Only days earlier, Paul spoke out against the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and proposed that its assistance programs be abolished as well.

Earlier this week Paul also released a new campaign video in which he attacks fellow GOP nominee contender Rick Perry for supporting a past presidential bid from former vice president Al Gore. During that run, Gore proposed tax hikes and increased government spending, both matters that Paul is opposed to. In the clip, Paul puts himself alongside President Ronald Reagan and offers the audience a chance to make a comparison between the Republican leader that led America through two terms as president and the Texas senator, both of whom have been considered “extreme,”“unelectable” and “the wrong man for the job.”

“America must decide who to trust: Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader or the one who stood with Reagan?” asks the video.

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