Rosneft to Boost Management Board to Eleven

Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil company, is to increase its management board from five to eleven members, the company said on Thursday following a decision taken at June 9 board of directors’ meeting.

The directors decided to appoint Dmitry Avdeyev (Vice President Economics and Finance), Igor Pavlov (Vice President Oil Refining), Didier Casimiro (Vice President Commerce and Logistics), Nail Mukhitov (Vice President Security) and Alexei Perepelkin (Company President’s Administration).

Of the company’s new executives, Pavlov holds 0.000003 percent of Rosneft’s shares and was head of the company’s Achinsk refinery in the Russian Far East before his appointment as Rosneft vice-president in March. 

Avdeyev was deputy management board chairman of the Morgan Stanley investment banking division for Russia and CIS countries while Casimiro was previously head of TNK-BP Commerce, the Ukrainian branch of the Russian-British joint oil venture TNK-BP. 

Perepelkin was management board member and deputy general director for corporate governance and property relations at MRSK Holding, an interregional distributive grid company. 

The Rosneft management board enlargement comes after former Russian energy tsar Igor Sechin was appointed as the company’s chief executive in a move interpreted by many analysts as a forthcoming possible amalgamation of the state-run oil major.



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