Russia’s participation in NATO summit not decided yet

Russia’s participation in the 2012 Russia-NATO Council summit in Chicago has not been decided yet as it depends on the U.S. position concerning the missile defense shield, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

“It is absolutely clear that the decision [to participate in the summit] has not been made. It has not been made, has not been discussed and will be discussed only if there will be clarity on the content of the summit,” Ryabkov said during his visit to Washington.

Ryabkov said the issue of Russia’s participation in the summit depends more on the U.S. position than on Russia’s political schedule. It should not be linked with presidential elections scheduled for March.

“From the point of view of the schedule it is clear that the discussion will take place only after the presidential election in March 4, 2012. But it is not a question of time that is a question of substance. If we agree on the missile defense scheme that suits us, the chances of holding the summit will increase. If we do not agree it really does not matter what month it is: January, March or April,” deputy minister said.


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