Russia and CIS news summary for Wednesday: 1

MOSCOW – – President Dmitry Medvedev appointed his own envoys to promote investments in Russian regions and help domestic and foreign businessmen overcome administrative hurdles. The Kremlin hopes the “investment ombudsmen” will help change the deteriorating situation with capital exodus from the country and encourage investors to promote regional development.

Market experts doubt whether the new institution would be efficient.

The investment ombudsmen are deputies of the presidential envoys to eight Russian federal districts. The president wants them to reconcile private enterprise and executive authorities who are often at odds and speak different languages.


KISLOVODSK – – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said consolidation of representatives of various nationalities and confessions is crucial for the future of the country. He was speaking at a meeting with North Caucasus youths on Wednesday.

In his opinion, building a multi-cultural society in Russia would be far easier than in Europe, because historically, Russia was developing as a multi-confessional and multi-nation state. “A special culture of interaction has been evolving here for centuries,” Putin said.

He noted a number of negative processes that had been taking place in the world recently, with some of them affecting Russia.


KISLOVODSK – – Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the government is working on the strategy to develop the Cossack community till 2025. “We should strengthen the legal basis, and are working on the strategy to develop the Cossack community till 2025,” Putin said at a meeting with representatives of youth organizations of the North Caucasus on Wednesday.

The government will continue to provide financial and administrative support to the Cossack community, he said.

The prime minister did not rule out a separate federal goal-oriented program for North Caucasus youths.


KISLOVODSK – – The Russian Finance Ministry will not coordinate a state program for the development of the North Caucasian Federal District presented by the Ministry for Regional Development in the amount of 3.9 trillion roubles, Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko told reporters on Wednesday.

“We will not coordinate that program in this amount,” she said. “Everything will be within the framework of the budget,” she added.


KISLOVODSK – – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with representatives of youth organizations of the North Caucasus Federal District in KIslovodsnk, suggested that false stereotypes about the Caucasus people should be abandoned. He said such stereotypes are explained not by the set of mind but by low cultural and educational level of those who adhere to such stereotypes.


KISLOVODSK – – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin believes it is necessary to ensure that young people from the North Caucasus Federal District are on the lists of candidates to the State Duma from the All-Russia People’s Front. He said this on Wednesday at the meeting of the government commission on the social and economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District.


KISLOVODSK – – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin decreed that measures to develop primary and secondary vocational training be taken in the North Caucasus. He stated this on Wednesday at the meeting of the government commission for social and economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District.

Putin stressed that the government is determined to create every condition so that young people in the North Caucasus could receive training in specialties most in demand. For this purpose the structure of vocational training should be brought in accord with requirements of the regional labor market.


MOSCOW – – Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is adamant that the 1st All-Russian congress of taxi drivers, supervised by the All-Russian Popular Front, will become a respected platform for constructive dialogue and engaged exchange of views.

“Final results and suggestions will be considered most attentively by federal and regional authorities to be used for improvement of legal and organisational issues of formation of a civilised market,” Putin’s address to the congress reads.


SOCHI – – Privatisation of Russia’s major oil company Rosneft will end before 2017, Russian president’s aide Arkady Dvorkovich said on Wednesday.

“As for Rosneft, the government has offered to complete a full withdrawal of the state from the company before 2017,” he said, speaking about the list of companies subject to privatisation, submitted to the president. “Concrete time framework for privatisation of its separate packages will be determined by the government,” he added.


SOCHI – – The law on citizens’ health protection should be passed this year, presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich told a conference at the president on Wednesday.

“The main decision that was made is that the law must be passed this year,” he said, adding that “refining of the law will continue in the weeks ahead.” “In early September we will appraise the bill and will fix the deadline for its adoption,” he said.

According to the presidential aide, “the bill includes a number of debatable themes.” “They may be closed, however, in a relatively brief period of time,” Dvorkovich said.


VLADIVOSTOK – – The sea borderguards of Russia and the Republic of Korea (ROK) are to hold exercises in the Gulf of Peter the Great near the shores of Primorsky (maritime) Territory (PT) on August 9.

During the exercises the borderguards of the two countries will drill interaction in a search for and spotting of a ship that issued an alarm signal indicating the seizure of the ship by gunmen, and rescue a ship and its crew founding themselves in distress.


VLADIVOSTOK – – Eight additional meteorological stations are to be installed in various districts here and and on the piers of the bridge on Russkiy (Russian) Island before the end of this year to ensure weather forecasting for the benefit of participants in the 2012 summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, Varvara Koridze, press secretary of the Primorsky Territory hydrometeo center, has told Itar-Tass.


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