Russia calls for restraint when sentencing Egyptian ex-president

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it was concerned about the calls of the prosecutor at the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to sentence the former leader to death by hanging.


The trial of the ex-president, his two sons and a number of ex-heads of law enforcement agencies in Cairo, Egypt, resumed last week.


“The judicial review in Cairo continues. However, such messages are met with concern in Moscow. We realize that we are talking about the internal affairs of an ally and friend, Egypt, but we hope that the final decisions will be made in accordance with the standards of international law”, said the Foreign Ministry of Russia.


“We hope Mr. Mubarak’s old age, 83 years, and ill health will be taken into account. Furthermore, he chose to relinquish power to avoid additional casualties among innocent people, ” added the Russian Foreign Ministry said.


Mubarak and Egypt’s Ministry of Interior of the former government are accused of involvement in the shooting of peaceful protesters during the uprising in early 2011.


In the days of the revolt in Egypt, about 850 people were killed and several thousand were injured.


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