Russia celebrates Air Force Day

MOSCOW, August 12 (Itar-Tass) — Russia celebrates the Day of the Air Force on Friday.

Russia’s president made the decision to celebrate the day on August 29, 1997. Russian Air Force was established 99 years ago, on 12 August 1912. On that day, the military authority introduced aeronautical staff.

Present-day Russian Air Force has aircrafts equipped with reliable means of detecting the enemy and of fire control, improved navigation equipment and missile weapons. The Russian Air Force is able to influence major operations on land as well as in seas.

Russia’s Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said that the Air Force continue to be part of the Armed Forces.

“From December 1, I will be released from the responsible for operational and strategic command of air and space defence” Zelin said. “The whole system is structured to optimise management and to concentrate the main forces and resources in the armed forces.”

Zelin also said that the Air Force organise a unified military and training research centre with two branches for focused specialists not only for the Air Force, but also for the Armed Forces as a whole. This centre will be situated in Voronezh.



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