Russia, China Call for Building a Fairer Global Economy – Lavrov

Russia and China support the formation of a multipolar model of international relations, call for building a fairer global economic system and speak against the expansion of military alliances, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday.

Lavrov’s statement comes ahead of a visit by President Vladimir Putin to China on June 5-7. Putin will discuss bilateral relations on June 5-6 and take part in a meeting of the Council of the Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States on June 6-7.

“Russia and China support the establishment of a multipolar model of international relations, the formation of a fairer and democratic political and economic system, the strengthening of the UN central coordinating role in solving pressing issues on the international agenda,” Lavrov said in an interview with China’s official news agency Xinhua posted on the ministry’s website.

Russia and China speak against the policy of the expansion of military alliances and the deployment of missile defense systems on a bloc basis, and also the ‘attempt by some states to ensure security at the expense of other states,’ he said.

Lavrov said Russia and China intended to continue strengthening mutual trust, stimulating intensive contacts at the highest and high levels, supporting each other in the defense of their sovereignty, state unity and territorial integrity of the two countries.

Russia and China intend to bring up their bilateral trade to $100 billion by 2015 and double this volume by 2020, Lavrov said.


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