Russia delivers passenger buses to Nicaragua.

27/7 Tass 59

MEXICO, July 27 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia delivered 250 passenger buses to Nicaragua. Russia’s GAZ Group delivered the buses under the program for modernization and improvement of the public transport system in the republic. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega attended a ceremony to hand over the buses in the Nicaraguan capital on Tuesday.

Ortega thanked Russia for the buses and noted that bilateral relations will be developed.

The GAZ Group delivered gratis 250 buses to Nicaragua. The buses were produced at the Kurgan bus making plant. In May 2009 the first batch of 130 public vehicles were delivered to the Central American country.

Ortega said at a rally that another 300 Russian buses and 500 cars for the taxi fleet will be delivered to Nicaragua next year. The two countries consider the launch of a bus assembly plant in the Central American country.

Ortega also noted that the countries had signed a bilateral agreement in Moscow on Tuesday. Under the agreement Russia will deliver 35.2 million dollars worth of 100,000 tonnes of wheat to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua considers the humanitarian aid, which Russia gives to the country to upgrade its public transport fleet, top priority. Russia makes supplies to Nicaragua under bilateral agreements signed on May 19, 2007, which envisage cooperation in energy, tourism and transport.

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