Russia, EU Lack Legal Base for Energy Union – Minister

Russia and the European Union do have a sufficient legal basis to form an energy union to prevent further energy supply disputes, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Friday.

“We lack a unified legal framework – this is why we should not choose the path suggested by the EU, which tries project its own legislation on Russia. There is also lack of unity of views on our common energy strategy up to 2050, for example,” Grushko told a Euro-Atlantic security forum in Moscow.

Grushko said Russia and the EU did have the necessary resource base, infrastructure and common demand on energy resources to set up an energy union.

“Three or four legal acts, which could form such unified legal framework, are being worked out now. We have started very important negotiations for comparison of our energy strategies and this may strengthen the whole structure,” Grushko added.

President-elect Vladimir Putin suggested establishing a unified energy complex between Russia and Europe in one of his pre-election newspaper articles. Putin also criticized the provisions of the EU Third Energy Package, which requires the separation of energy production, transportation and sales.

The Third Energy Package particularly affects the operations of Russia’s gas export monopoly Gazprom, which produces and sells gas and owns transportation facilities.


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