Russia: Key to Italy's Russian Orthodox Church Handed Over to Medvedev!


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Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev who traveled Spain and then to the southern Italian city of Bari this weekend, received on Sunday a the key to Italy’s Russian Orthodox Church from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

The handover of the church complex was agreed in March 2007. The city council of Bari unanimously voted to transfer the 100-year-old church to the Italian government at that time so it could subsequently become Russian property in the near future.

A century ago Grand Princess Elizaveta Fyodorovna first promoted the idea of building the church to welcome Russian pilgrims in Bari, the burial place of St. Nicolas, one of the most revered Orthodox saints.

In 1937, the church buildings and the land, totaling 8,000 square meters (2 acres), were handed to Bari’s municipal authorities.Now they have come back home in a goodwill gesture to Russia.

A gesture that Russia will cherish for a long time.

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