Russia premier for expanding Moscow

PODOLSK, Moscow region, September 1 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hails the agreement of the regional authorities on extending Moscow’s boundaries.

“Moscow cannot develop within its boundaries any more, and the density of construction is beyond all limits,” the premier said on Thursday, addressing pupils of the eleventh grade of school No 59 of Podolsk during the lesson of social studies.

He also pointed out that because of the density of construction and of the population in Moscow problems of social services had become more acute of late and it was very difficult to develop engineering networks, etc.. “Therefore it was right to decide on Moscow’s expansion,” the premier stressed.

Meanwhile he acknowledged that it was yet very difficult to say in what ways expansion would be achieved and how much time it would take.

In the second part of the lesson the premier answered questions of pupils of the eleventh grade. At the start of the lesson he listened together with the pupils to a lecture on the theme of culture, the mass media and control over them in the world today. Putin decided to deliver a brief lecture to the pupils, disagreeing with some assertions of the teacher made earlier.

For instance, he believes it is not right to mean only science and education as the spiritual sphere. “The spiritual sphere is impossible without a strong moral basis. No science and education can ensure sustainable development,” Putin stressed.


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