Russia set to start construction of 3rd Graney class nuclear sub

The construction of the third Graney class nuclear-powered attack submarine will begin in 2011, a spokesman for the Russian Navy said on Thursday.

The first Graney class sub, the Severodvinsk, will enter service with the Navy by the end of 2011. The second vessel, the Kazan, is being built at the Sevmash Shipyard in the northern Russian city of Severodvinsk.

Graney class nuclear submarines are designed to launch a variety of long-range cruise missiles (up to 3,100 miles or 5,000 km), with conventional or nuclear warheads, and effectively engage submarines, surface warships and land-based targets.

The submarine’s armament includes 24 cruise missiles and eight torpedo launchers, as well as mines and anti-ship missiles.

Russia plans to build at least six Graney class submarines.

MOSCOW, March 17 (RIA Novosti)

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