Russia Slams US Opposition to UN ‘Anti-Nazi’ Resolution

MOSCOW, December 21 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday criticized the United States’ reluctance to back the Russian-proposed UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism.


The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on Thursday. A total of 130 countries approved the document, while the US, Canada, and Palau voted against it and another 54 countries, including the Baltic States, abstained.


“We are highly perplexed and regret the fact that the US, Canada and Palau voted against this document, while the delegations of EU member states abstained during the vote on the resolution, which was backed by the overwhelming majority of UN member states,” the ministry said.


The resolution condemns the construction of memorials in honor of former Nazis and Waffen-SS soldiers and the holding of public pro-Nazi demonstrations. It also calls for action to be taken to prevent neo-Nazi ideas being circulated on the Internet.


“We hope that the adoption of the resolution will send a clear signal to those countries where there is a long overdue need to take most decisive measures to counter increased attempts at glorifying Nazism, including those who served with the Waffen-SS,” the statement said.


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