Russia to continue WTO talks with Georgia next week

THE TIME – Institute A New System- and Economics – Defined.

The People, US Const. Article 8 sect 1, Article 12 sect 8, The State Supreme Courts, and Centralized Banking System’s., George Washington.


World News.


GO AHEAD TRY TO STEAL THIS: Robbing the rich, and stealing from the poorer, and becoming poorer!

The Redistribution of Wealth and Trickle down economics, Bailouts, and tax deceptions, all under the control of Wall Street brokers!!

Non- Elected Lobbyists.

Says, OCCUPY WALL STREET, IT’s NOT JUST A SIGN, or even a passing event.

The real protest, and here in the following, it explains, how people get back in control of their future!

Your Future and Real Freedom of Enterprise, free trade, agreements, by true delegation for all the people, and United States of America.

How Patriotic? Are You?


There really are several people in office in Washington Dc, in the Senate, and US Congress, House of Representatives, which are actually on my side; saying, this country has been hi-jacked be our own corporations; we can’t admit it, yet he’s right!!

WE THE PEOPLE, By the People,

The American corporation’s have over powered us for years, and no matter who is elected; until the People, we can, the People, and bring back the freedom., to stand up for their independence, before this country, and several others are no longer free from disparage!!

I’ve seen the good come, and quickly disappear; everything here in this country USA, is controlled by the American Corporations. Meaning, that the oppressed are truly left, and without means, and is continued to be a burden, in people private lives, too. The elections funding is unlimited; and unregulated, meaning it allows for public deception; meaning; the political figures, they are bought, and paid for; it’s not, a free election system; and often off-balance setting the tone in Wall Street; and often illegal criminal activity; bribery; pork projects, and off shore money laundering schemes, and putting criminal figure in control of the reigns. The Corp. Monopoly’s control the Market, and Wall Street, and Global, that has continued, to oppress several countries, from the free world trade, and has caused problems in the EU Market.

If you’re a home owner, or wish to be one, a price tag of $80,000 will end up costing you well over $170,000 in interest, mark ups; and mortgage payments, and government property taxes. “SLAVES” to the corporate banking institutions; and insurance companies, (monopolies), and they even control the education by colleges.

ANTI PRICE Gouging…. Clause when?

Complicated by High Taxation, and ID Theft, Military ID and Billions In Revenue, and Job losses in the world market place in the United States Of America.

If you study, in Russia, it’s a very diverse country, it’s not the same here, USA, they seem to hate us, and they teach in history; and in business, they teach “that” Russia, ” is” , and “always,” has been the “natural enemy,” to the United States ever since the Cold War Era, has ever since trying to assume authority in the free trade markets, and refusing several countries’ to be allowed under the said peace treaty agreements .
. .
Started by their Corporate Greed!!

Example media slander, even today, used against, Russia, Germany, France, and Italy, too!!


Forgetting about the people,

Nearly 100 years of Oppression, ever since 1913, 1929, Article 16, 17, all under the rule of British common laws and the Rockefeller’s, and Rothschild’s. , meanwhile the people are being Rail- Road- with high taxation.

The Boston Tea Party! Article VI* 26.

It’s to end the dictatorships over people, and the control of “theirs congress”; and hand selected political figures for the Wall Street agenda.

The WALL STREET, Thugs, even more want for control!!

The global market . . . . . called Capitalism; Bailouts, Bribery, and Deception, and is basically just another word for a total ter’ium government, controlled by the elites that rob the rich and steal from the poor, to become poorer., the little people., simply opression of the majority!!

Let’s ask Japan, Iran, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and even China how they feel??



I see a lot of beautiful Russian, Prussian, and Exotic Asian, women in nice bikinis!

Capitalizing (on) Capitalism!! Isn’t That Great?

It’s Legal In The Business World, and Wall Street, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, (penny stocks) sold at a ridiculous low price; then it goes up; they get greedy; then falls 500 pt for several weeks at a time., and when they get fined by the government ; they raise the taxes, or jack up the market values.

Who pays for it?? You do, always, the People., an example BP. , Gasoline Prices.

The American Corporations invest: You’ll withdraw all stock options; and you fold your hand, and watch it plummet. Until Bankrupt.


They do it every day to destroy small business, the little people, and we will do the same to them!!

China, Russia, Germany, to Sign a New International Trade Agreement?? Lol.

(Collective bargaining; same doctrine; and, contract for all new countries).


!! Capitalizing (on) Capitalism!! Isn’t That Just Great Lesson?

Seize N.A.T.O. and enforce the rules, by the Geneva Conventions by Seclusion!!

The WAR MONGERING and Ability to Declaring War,

The United States of America, Founded on the US Constitution, Independence, and interstate commerce by the People, not Corporations.

Not Capitalism;

And how to enforce the laws through peaceful intervention, and this time by the People, all the People!

Refuse Currency; on the Exchange Rate, by All Allied Countries.

The American Civil War!! 1861, 1865eg., ever since by the Fed., Rail Road, and has given all the power to the industry, without regulations., and how it eventually destroyed the states independence of it s “elected” commerce., and he, Abraham Lincoln, he slowly invaded, and the south retaliated by defending it’ states’ rights., and independence, he was wrong because it is not a government of one. , a socialist before it was defined.

You got FIVE Dollars, and or fight and die for the Union, if freedom, not by choice!

100 years later, it was Dr. Martin Luther King., until then, they believed the lies told by the Federal Government.

“How to Restore Real “PEACE” in America!!”

Without conflict, a new declaration signed by all countries.

The “Same Doctrine,” all in various languages, with no more conflicting interests, and no more backstabbing our allies, and peace treaties.

Interstate Commerce must be regulated by the People, Not any Corporations, but by the People.

The END of New World Order!!

Most War’s Caused By Control Over The Oil Trades.

End of Report. 1776.

Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa 10/28/2011

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