Russia to Produce New Sets of Sniper Gear

Russia will soon start producing four new sets of sniper equipment, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Thursday.

“We will produce four sets for snipers,” Rogozin, who oversees Russia’s defense industry, told reporters in Moscow.

“The weaponry is going to be a part of a set of equipment, which also includes surveillance and detection tools, means of suppression and passive protection for snipers,” Rogozin said.

The first set is designed for shooting at ranges of up to 800 meters, the second – for ranges of over 1,500 meters, the third – for snipers in urban police operations, and the fourth – for sniper training.

The sets are being developed by a special team at the Tochmash Research Institute. The team includes instructors from Russia’s special forces, who oversee the demands for weapons performance.

The Russian military is planning to deploy by 2016 at least 1,000 snipers to motorized rifle and tank brigades who would be capable of taking down the enemy at a distance of 1-2 kilometers.

Sharpshooters could also be deployed in the event of mass protests, riots, or an Arab Spring type uprising.

The next generation of snipers will be recruited from among contract servicemen and undergo long periods of training.


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