Russia to provide extra energy help for its neighbor in trouble

Russia to provide extra energy help for its neighbor in trouble

Published: 12 March, 2011, 20:01

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Russian officials have announced they are increasing energy supplies to Japan following a request from Tokyo.

­Japan finds itself in desperate need of extra energy supply due to devastating results of the earthquake, tsunami and explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has announced Russia will donate 150,000 tons of liquefied gas to Japan and will also increase coal supply.

There is also the possibility of providing electricity to Japan via an underwater cable that stretches from Russian mainland to Japan.

Ceaseless power supply provides for the continuation of rescue works and keeping in safety other nuclear reactors in the country.

Diplomatic relations between Moscow and Tokyo have been strained in the recent times, mostly because of the dispute over the Kuril Islands, which Japan claims its territory.

However, Prime Minister Putin said that any political problems between the two countries are not a concern at this point. The priority now is helping Japan to recover from the natural disaster and subsequent nuclear problems.

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Situation in Japan is certain to worsen – nuclear historian

More explosions in reactors could happen in Fukushima as the problem with the cooling system remains in several of the reactors, says Dr. Robert Jacobs, a research associate professor of nuclear history and culture at the Hiroshima Peace Institute.

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