Russia-Ukraine gas cooperation no easy issue, requires discussion

SOCHI, August 11 (Itar-Tass) —— The question of gas cooperation between Russia and Ukraine is a no easy one and requires discussion, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, as he opened a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Viktor Yanukovich. “We shall talk about gas cooperation, which is a complex issue, but there is no way of getting away from it,” the Russian leader said.

Among other topics for discussion Medvedev mentioned preparations for a meeting of the intergovernmental commission.

“We agreed that it should be held at a high level in the literal and figurative sense, and start a new chapter in Russian-Ukrainian relations,” he recalled.

The Russian president suggested touching upon integration processes, which are more related to Russia.

“We can talk about Ukraine’s possible involvement in them, if it finds this appropriate,” he added.

Medvedev said that Russian-Ukrainian relations “are developing well,” but remarked at the same time that “this does not mean that there are no problems.”

“I suggest focusing on them,” said the Russian leader.

Yanukovich replied that Ukraine would consider the possibility of joining in the integration processes underway in the CIS.

“With regard to the integration process, we shall be ready to take a look at them and define the format of Ukraine’s participation,” he stressed. The Ukrainian leader agreed with Medvedev’s proposal for discussing preparations for the meeting of the intergovernmental commission.

Yanukovich noted the generally positive development of bilateral ties.

“There is a constructive approach to issues. It is essential to our relationship and the good old traditions and warm feelings and wishes of our peoples. I think that we shall always try to and strive for resolving all issues,” said Yanukovich. “There are problems, too, this is what is called a natural process, but I’m determined to seek and find a solution”.

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