Russia urges Syria govt and opposition to exercise restraint.

1/8 Tass 167

MOSCOW, August 1 (Itar-Tass) — Russia urges the Syrian government and the opposition to exercise restraint, to give up provocations and repressions, Russian Foreign Ministry sources said on Monday.

According to media reports, over 100 people died during special operations of Syrian troops in the city of Hama situated 210 kilometers to the north of Damascus and some other settlements on July 31. Official sources said eight policemen had been also killed in clashes with armed extremists in Hama.

“Moscow expresses serious concern in connection with reports about numerous casualties,” ministry sources stressed. “The use of force both against civilians and representatives of government agencies is inadmissible and must be stopped,” they emphasized.

“We urge the government of Syria and the opposition to exercise maximum restraint, stop provocations and repressions, observe law and order and respect international humanitarian law,” they noted.

“It is of particular importance to launch a responsible and substantial comprehensive dialogue as soon as possible to settle domestic policy and social-economic problems in the interests of all Syrian people, restore civil accord, ensure a stable democratic development of the country,” the sources added.

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