Russian Air Force gets six new attack helicopters

A new batch of Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters has been delivered to a pilot training center near Moscow, Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik said on Wednesday.

“The helicopters have been delivered to the Torzhok training center to improve the pilot training program there,” Drik said.

The Mi-28N is the latest modification of the Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter, manufactured by the Rostvertol plant in southern Russia. It has been designed to conduct hunter-killer missions against main battle tanks, helicopters, ground forces, and armor in any weather conditions.

The deliveries of Mi-28Ns to the units in Russia’s North Caucasus and Central military districts started in 2009. A total of 24 Mi-28s were in service with the Russian Air Force as of February 2011.

Two Mi-28Ns were lost in crashes during training flights in 2009 and 2011.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has said it is planning to procure between 45 and 67 Mi-28Ns in the next few years, and to fully replace the Mi-24 Hind helicopters with Mi-28Ns in the Armed Forces by 2015.

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