Russian Airports Ease Passenger Search Rules

Russia’s Transport Ministry will allow airline passengers to keep their shoes on during pre-flight security checks starting mid-May, the governmental Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily said on Wednesday.

Passengers will be allowed to keep their shoes on if “their sole is less than 1 centimeter thick and their heels are less than 2.5 centimeters,” a Transport Ministry instruction published in the paper said.

Travelers will also be allowed to keep belts on if they are less than 4 centimeters wide.
Currently, passengers have to put their coats, shoes and any items containing metal into special containers to be X-rayed.

The transport ministry may also ease restrictions on liquids passengers can carry in their cabin luggage, the daily said.

Under Russia’s current airport security rules, passengers are only allowed to take  liquids in individual containers of up to 100 millilitres each.

“Such security measures are justified, because explosives can be liquid and it’s difficult to determine what kind of liquid is in a bottle. However, Russian-made equipment can determine the liquid’s chemical composition even in a sealed bottle,” the paper said.

The new rule will enable passengers to carry shampoo and perfume in hand luggage. Flammable liquids, such as liquors, will not be allowed.This amendment are due to come into force this autumn, but so far only in major airports.

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