Russian Army to get new multiple rocket launchers

Russia’s Ground Forces will start taking delivery of new Tornado-G multiple rocket launching systems (MRLS), replacing the current Grad systems, Army spokesman Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov said on Monday.

This will further increase the Army’s firepower and standoff capability for effective engagement, Vlasov said.

Tornados are superior to Grads in their effectiveness, automated control, aiming and satellite navigation systems, Vlasov said, without disclosing any technical details.

The Grad truck-mounted system featuring 122-mm rockets with a range of 30-40 km was developed in 1962 and has been in service since 1964.

A Tornado MRLS vehicle can carry up to twelve 300-mm rockets with an effective range of up to 90 kilometers.

MOSCOW, March 28 (RIA Novosti)

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