Russian artist explores post-visual trends in modern art

A new exhibition with an unusual name – “Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman” – has opened the Russian capital, inviting Muscovites to look deep into the new phase of modern art.

The event takes the form of a mixed-media exposition, blending traditional sculpture with modern computer-based art.

In such a way, the exhibition’s author, Olga Treivas, is considering how technology has shaped art over time. She calls the genre “Post-Visual.”

“It gives you way for reflection and interpretations, as good art is supposed to be,” the owner of the gallery, Evgeny Mitta, told RT. “It’s a portrait of some unconscious level. There are a lot of images and changes.”

The exhibition is being held at the Paperworks Gallery in Kurskaya. It runs until December 9.

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