Russian Billionaire Forms Party He ‘Won’t Join’

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov announced on Monday the creation of the Civic Platform party, saying however he is not going to become a member of it.

“None of us will join the party. We are all non-party people,” he said, adding it will be a party of “a new type.”

Prokhorov, 46, said the party would exist to allow non-party public figures to participate in elections.

There will be “no high profile names” in the party, he added.

“Civic Platform will be in dialogue with everyone, including the authorities,” he also said.

The party’s immediate priority will be municipal elections, Prokhorov said, adding he might run for Moscow mayor.

Prokhorov, whose fortune was put by Forbes in March at $13 billion, came third in the March presidential election with about 8 percent of the vote.


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