Russian bodies mull differentiating support of shelf development

ST. PETERSBURG, Sep 13 (PRIME) — Russian authorities are considering differentiating measures to support the development of the Russian shelf depending on a number of factors, Darya Vasilevskaya, deputy head of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministrys department for geology and resource management, said Tuesday.

Specifically, the Natural Resources and Environment, Economic Development, Finance, and Energy ministries plans to divide the shelf into several clusters, and differentiate the measures depending on the geological and climate conditions of the clusters, as well as exploration and infrastructure development, in order to choose the most suitable support for each cluster, Vasilevskaya said.

The ministries have preliminarily divided the countrys shelf into five clusters, namely the Kaspiisko-Chernomorsko-Azovsko-Baltiisky, Barentsevo-Pechersky, Karsko-Yamalsky, Vostochno-Sibirsky, and Okhotsky clusters, Vasilevskaya said, adding that they planned to submit final proposals on the issue to the government in November.

The authorities could also consider differentiating tax benefits for the clusters, she added.


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