Russian brunette’s cold shower cure

Russia’s glamorous former cop and Miss Universe winner Oksana Fedorova has revealed her quick-fix beauty secret. The green-eyed host of the Good Night, Children program has revealed that she actually takes a…shower several times a day.

­Before going out, the one-time police major takes a contrast shower which makes her look as if she spent a day in a beauty salon. “At first it’s not so nice, but the effect is stunning!” Fedorova reports.

Judging by her radiant looks, the shower really does the job for the 34-year-old brunette, who is currently expecting her first child.

Oksana’s career as a model was launched more than a decade ago when she was crowned Miss St. Petersburg, and later, Miss Russia.     

In 2002, she became the first Miss Russia to win the Miss Universe contest, but later gave up the crown to finish a doctorate in law.  

The same year she was named Miss Universe, she defended her PhD on “The Regulation of Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation.” Despite her beauty breakthrough, she continued her career as a police officer in St. Petersburg.

Since then, the versatile beauty has tried her hand at singing, acting, hosting TV shows and delivering university lectures, as well as being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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