Russian Cosmonauts Have ‘Alien Instructions’

Now this would be an interesting document to read!

Are their alien civilizations near to Earth and our solar system? Unknown.

Are their alien civilizations visiting the Earth. Absolutely and with sufficent evidence from many people on the ground and pilots in the air.

1. Out of the Blue

2. I Know What I Saw 2010

3. UFO – Secret Access on the Record

And two other surprising sources.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

Google Search and download for free.

So what are the chances of an astronaut, cosmonaut or other having a personal first contact and with who?


However because it is the astronaut’s / cosmonaut’s / other to fly into space, I suspect that the spiritual entity of these people is involved in similar type of other world research in the spirit realm.

An LBL Regression of these astronauts may reveal more about what they know about our area of the universe.

An LBL Regression is a “Life Between Lives Regression” to the Spirit Realm.

It is here that our universe and everything in it is created.

The answer to the questions we seek about other civilizations is here. And an LBL Regression is a way to access this information.

To fully understand what the Spirit Realm is and how we are a part of it, you must read the two books above. They are your primer.

For LBL Regressions

Arnold Vinette
Ottawa, Canada

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