Russian financier Antonov bids for Saab co-ownership

Russian businessman and banker Vladimir Antonov is seeking to become a shareholder in troubled Swedish carmaker Saab Automobile, the Swedish newspaper Ttela reported Wednesday.

Antonov, owner of financial Convers Group, applied to the Swedish National Debt Office to become a shareholder in Saab, which is now owned by Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars.

The debt office confirmed Antonov’s application.

Earlier media carried reports that the Russian businessman plans to invest some 50 million euros ($70.5mn) in Saab to make up for the company’s fund shortage.

Saab, which was owned by GM, was sold to Spyker in February 2010. Antonov was a key shareholder in Spyker, but he was forced out shortly before the Saab sale deal as GM reportedly suspected the Russian businessman of links to organized crime.

In late February, Spyker Cars said Antonov would once again become a shareholder.

STOCKHOLM, March 30 (RIA Novosti) 

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