‘Russian Hollywood’ to Open Outside Moscow

A Russian version of Hollywood – Kolliwood – may soon be opened on a 3.5-hectare lot in Kolomna, a town outside Moscow, Kommersant daily reported on Tuesday.

Kolliwood, the pet project of regional Culture Minister Anton Gubankov, will make use of the disused factories at the site.

“We hope that up to 100 people will be able to start their work in the factory premises pretty soon,” Gubankov said in an interview with another daily, Izvestia.

Lease negotiations are currently underway with the owners of the various buildings.

Launch of the project, including renovation work and purchase of the necessary equipment, will cost at least 100 million rubles ($3 million). However, independent experts say actual costs may be three times higher.

Plans are to raise money for the launch in the form of an interest-free loan from a private non-profit foundation. Money might also be received from a federal investment program.

Kolliwood expects to organize classes for young filmmakers taught by experts from abroad, the general director of Planet Inform communication group, Dmitry Litvinov, said.


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