Russian Hospital Kidnappers Steal Wrong Victim

VOLGOGRAD, May 29 (RIA Novosti) – A man, who was kidnapped from a hospital ward by a group of men on Tuesday, was released after kidnappers apparently realized he was the wrong person, investigators said.

The man was admitted to a hospital in the Volga area city of Volgograd on Monday evening after getting shot in the face with a non-lethal weapon.

The following day, a group of unidentified men arrived at the hospital in three cars without license plates. They entered his ward, knocked the patient unconscious, dragged him out of the hospital and fled.

“The man was later found alive at his father’s house. He told investigators in an interview that he was abducted by unidentified individuals, who… released him after a brief talk. The man believes that his kidnappers have made a mistake,” the local investigative department said in a statement.

It was not immediately clear whether the man chose to continue his hospital treatment or decided to stay at home.


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