Russian in Kaliningrad shocked to death using electrofishing

A Russian man from the exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea died from electric shock while electrofishing on the Schuchya River, a regional police spokesman said on Monday.

Electrofishing uses electricity to stun fish before they are caught. It relies on two electrodes which deliver current into the water to stun the fish.

“An investigative team has determined that the man was using prohibited fishing gear – electrofishing,” the statement said.

Police said the incident occurred on Saturday.

Starting from April 20, a “bimonthly silence” in Kaliningrad region was declared. “Bimonthly silence” is spawning time when the fishing of certain species using certain fishing gear is prohibited.

Last year during the banned period, fisheries inspections documented 1,200 violations, about 200 illegal pieces of fishing gear and almost 2 tons of illegally caught fish were confiscated.

KALININGRAD, May 30 (RIA Novosti) 

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