Russian Liquor Dealer Blows Up ‘Informer’ – Investigators

MOSCOW, August 19 (RIA Novosti) – A man in southern Russia is under investigation for using a grenade to kill an acquaintance he believed was a police informant, Russia’s investigative committee said Monday.

On Sunday, a 38-year-old man died from injuries inflicted by a grenade blast, the investigative committee statement said. He was at the wheel of a car carrying one passenger and three barrels of hard liquor when the attack took place, the statement said.

The 62-year-old passenger accused the driver of taking him to the police station instead of his home, told the driver to stop, and then accused him of being a police informant, the statement said.

During the ensuing argument, the suspect threw a grenade at the driver, investigators say. The driver was seriously hurt and later died of his injuries, but the passenger, who is under investigation for illegal alcohol sales, managed to escape, the statement said.

“The passenger rushed out of the car, took off the clothes that bore traces of the crime and ran in the direction to the city,” the statement said. He was later detained by the police. An investigation is underway.


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