Russian Missile Cruiser Steaming Toward San Francisco…

A group of Russia’s Pacific Fleet warships led by the missile cruiser Varyag left Vladivostok on Friday for a visit to San Francisco, California.The group commanded by Rear Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov includes the missile cruiser Varyag, the rescue tugboat Foty Krylov and the tanker Boris Butoma.

The voyage to California and back, held as part of an effort to promote U.S.-Russian military cooperation, will last more than a month, according to a spokesman for the Pacific Fleet.

The Varyag is a new version of the cruiser of the same name that is remembered in military history for the heroism of its crew in the Battle of Chemulpo Bay during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

It is armed with a multipurpose long-range missile system that is effective against both ships and coastal targets, as well as rocket launchers, torpedoes and several artillery systems of different caliber and purpose. NATO has dubbed Russian warships of this class “aircraft carrier killers.”

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