Russian News (03/07/2011)

NATO not to interfere in Libya

NATO does not intend to interfere in the Libyan events, though a real civil war is going on there, NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says. Still, he adds, any further developments are possible, and NATO countries are getting ready to defend themselves if this turns out to be necessary.

Russian skier wins European Cup

The Russian skier Aleksander Bondar has won the European Cup in freestyle cross-country skiing near Murmansk in northern Russia. There were a total of seven races.He came first in two and was sixth in one. It is the first time that a Russian competitor has won this award.

Russia, Poland mull easier border crossing

Russia and Poland are close to allowing free border crossing to residents of their adjacent border areas. These areas would include the entire Russian region of Kaliningrad. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told this to the media Monday after discussing the matter with Kaliningrad Governor Nikolai Tsukanov.

Putin’s playing piano, singing in English pays off for hospitals

Sponsors have been found to provide three hospitals with new medical equipment after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin participated in a fundraising event, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said on Monday.

Russia sets up $10 bln fund to attract foreign investors

Russia is setting up a $10 billion fund to boost investments from foreign companies into the national economy, the Financial Times newspaper reported Monday.

Russia wins women’s European track-and-field championships

Russian girls have won the European track-and-field championships in Paris. The have grabbed five gold medals out of the six, and they boast a total of 15 different medals. The French proved the second-best, with the Germans coming in third.

Russian wins silver at European air gun competition

Alexander Sokolov of Russia has won the silver medal at the European air gun competition in Brescia, Italy. Peter Szidi of Hungary won the competition, with Italian Niccolo Campriani grabbing the bronze medal.

Moscow nightclub shrugs off warnings, throws ‘Putin Party’

A Moscow nightclub has held an event entitled “Putin Party. I want the Prime Minister” regardless of earlier warnings by the prime minister’s press secretary that the government would seek legal advice on the possible illegal use of Putin’s name.

One dead as six cars collide between Moscow and St. Petersburg

One person died and three were injured as six cars collided on the highway linking Russia’s two largest cities.

Europe’s pot of Islamic debate is boiling

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Germany’s new interior minister said Islam “does not belong” in the country. With thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa fleeing the violence in their home countries, Europe is facing a profound…

Despite NATO invitation, Russia still waiting to join Euro missile defense

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Two years ago, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov met in Moscow where they announced a “reset” in relations between their respective nations.
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