Russian News From Russia: 01-15-2012

Russian biathlon girl wins bronze

Biathlonist Uliana Kaysheva has won a bronze medal in sprint. This is the first medal of the Russian team at the 2012 Junior Winter Olympic Games. Kaysheva finished the 6km course with two shooting rounds with the third result of 18 minutes and 0.9 seconds. German Francisca Preuss won the gold medal and Galina Vishnevskaya from Kazakhstan won silver. RIAN

Russian bronze in luge

Russia are the third best team after the hosts and Italy at the World Cup tournament in luge in Oberhof in Germany. The Germans clocked 2 minutes and 24.768 seconds, the best time ever for the luge slope in Oberhof. (RIAN)

Confrontation can be precluded by dialogue – Patriarch

Appearing on national television Sunday, Russian Patriarch Kirill urged the authorities to heed the voices of protest and modify policies in a way that precludes a revolution. He said his flock includes people from both sides of the divide between the governing and the governed. (IF)

Russian Knights to perform in Bahrain

The Russian Knights, an aerobatic demonstration team of the Russian Air Force, will perform a programme at the international air show in Bahrain, a spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry reports. The Russian Knights have already left for Bahrain accompanied by an Iliushin-76 troop-carrier.

Shooting on Moldavian border continues

A Romanian border guard opened fire on a Moldavian citizen when the latter refused to pass through inspection at a border crossing, the Moldavian Foreign Ministry reports. The incident occurred on Sunday. The Moldavian citizen refused to show his car for inspection.

Russian gold in skiing

Russia’s Alexei Petukhov and Nikolai Morilov have come first in the freestyle team sprint competition at the World Cup tournament in skiing in Milan in Italy. The silver went to a duo from Sweden, and the bronze, to two Italians.

Israel behind Iran nuclear boffin killings – paper

London’s Sunday Times quotes an unnamed source in Israel as saying the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists are part of an Israeli operation to preclude reconstruction after Israeli forces destroy the nuclear industry of Iran. The latest victim of the assassination attacks on Iranian scientists is Dr Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan of the nuclear centre in Natanz.

Phobos-Grunt to fall on China – Roscosmos

The Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos reports that the fragments of the Phobos-Grunt space probe will be falling on the Earth for five hours after 8.40p.m. Moscow time on the 15th of January. The possible area of falling is the Gobi Desert in China. Earlier, Roscosmos mentioned areas in the Indian, Atlantis and Pacific Oceans.

Russia hopes EU will bring Estonia to reason

Russian parliamentarians hope that the EU public and MPs will influence Estonia’s intention to legally acquit Nazi accomplices, declared Dmitry Sablin, first deputy chairman of the Russian Parliamentary Committee for CIS Affairs and Relations with Fellow Countrymen.

Gitmo legal vacuum territory

by Alexander Vatutin
In its ten years, the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay has handled almost 800 suspected members of Islamist terror groups such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban. They came from 23 countries on all continents.

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